Prayer Requests

Pray for our world

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, pray for:

leaders, refugees, those caring for people who have fled

As the overturning of Roe V. Wade sweeps through the nation, 

pray that the Church will continue to be a place of grace, compassion, understanding, and truth to all of our brothers and sisters.

Pray for our members and friends

There is a resurgence of COVID cases in our area and several families in our church have sick members.

Please pray for quick recovery for those who are ill.

Miss Lupe Armendariz is having a procedure tomorrow. Pray that all goes well.

Please continue to be in prayer for Pastor Mike, Pastor Brandon, Pastor Nathan, Robin, Molly, our church board, and our District Superintendent Dr. Terry Rowland as they lead the church through this transition and take on more responsibility in the interim.

Pray for our next pastor, whoever he or she may be, that they would feel the call of God on their lives

and that we would welcome them with love and open minds.


Pray for those with long-term illnesses or recovery from injuries,

as well as family members taking care of them

Noah Patterson

Hazen Byrd [grandson of Ray & Pam Martin]

Samantha Moore

Tom Stephens

Pray for family and friends

Shardanai Wilson

Braeli Hawkins [Tandi Christie's daughter]

Doris Ferguson & Family

Sean S.

Tonya Alm - from the Hooker Church - asks for prayer for Michael Martinez.

Pray for our community

Pray for our schools and our students. 

Pray for those needing God's wisdom as they make decisions.

Pray for broken families.

Several Guymon organizations that provide assistance to individuals in need have either closed or need to hire staff. 

This has caused a greater demand on benevolence from churches and other organizations. 

Please pray for staffing and for a generous spirit in our community.