Prayer Requests

Pray for our members and friends

Tom Stephens is recovering well from his stroke. Please continue to pray for him & Phyllis.

Jan Daniels' father died Friday, January 14. Please keep Jan and the family in prayer.

Colby Behne, son of former member Karri [Behne] Long, died Sunday, January 16.

Please pray for Karri and her family during this time of loss. 

Tommy Test's son Bryon had a heart attack this past week. 

Pray for rest and recovery for Bryon and family.

Robba Bryan fell and bruised her hip. Please pray for her recovery.

Pray for those who are currently ill with COVID:

Shelby Reust

There are probably others that we don't know about, but our Father does.

Pray for those with long-term illnesses or recovery from injuries,

as well as family members taking care of them:

Bill Raybon [Charles Raybon's father]

Noah Patterson

Linda Scott [Brian Scott's mother]

Twila Boyd [Mother of Travis & Tyler Boyd]

Hazen Byrd [grandson of Ray & Pam Martin]

Kay Carnagey [Justin Carnagey's mother]

Jay Perrin

Pray for family and friends:

Shardanai Wilson

Braeli Hawkins [Tandi Christie's daughter]

Doris Ferguson & Family

Sean S.

Pray for our community

Pray for our schools and our students. 

High school students and faculty are re-adjusting to being back together in the midst of another COVID spike.

Pray for peace, wisdom, and reassurance of who they are as well as safety.

Pray for those needing God's wisdom as they make decisions.

Pray for broken families.

Several Guymon organizations that provide assistance to individuals in need have either closed or need to hire staff. 

This has caused a greater demand on benevolence from churches and other organizations. 

Please pray for staffing and for a generous spirit in our community.