Prayer Requests

Please keep our friends, family, and community in your prayers.


Rudy Sosa's dad [Rudy Sr} suffered a traumatic injury to his ankle at work. He is home recovering and doing well.

Charles Raybon's father is in the hospital and not doing well. Please pray for healing and peace for the family.

Noah Patterson was flown to OKC for treatment at Children's Hospital a few weeks ago. He is now home recovering.

Please pray for Noah, his mom Morgan, and those caring for him.

Pray for those dealing with loss and grief:

Kelly Faltyn & Family

Pray for James Beasley, Michael and Priscilla's 14 year old grandson who injured his shoulder in a football game. He had surgery to repair it and is home and recovering but in a lot of pain. Please pray for a speedy recovery and patience as he heals.

Pray for our schools and our students. They are facing some frightening and difficult things.

Pray for peace, wisdom, and reassurance of who they are as well as safety.

Guymon High School is going virtual until October 25th due to HVAC issues. Pray for teachers and students as they make this transition.

Pray for those facing medical procedures now and in coming weeks.

Pastor Craig is doing well; the blood clots are thinning and he is continuing to work with his doctors.

Michael Beasley ~ Jay Perrin ~ Jim Campbell

Pray for those needing God's wisdom as they make decisions

Pray for broken families

Pray for those with battling extended illnesses, and for their families traveling this road with them:

Twila Boyd - Mother of Travis & Tyler Boyd

Hazen Byrd - grandson of Ray & Pam Martin

Kay Carnagey - Justin Carnagey's mother

Vickie McKinnon - friend of congregation member

Pray for family and friends:

Daniel Liese - (Tina Martinez's stepbrother, SPC employee) ~ Don Sexton - (brother-in-law of David Kelley)

Shardanai Wilson

Braeli Hawkins - Tandi Christie's daughter

Doris Ferguson & Family

Sean S.