Prayer Requests

Please keep our friends, family, and community in your prayers.

Oliver Moore's tonsil surgery went very well. 

Lisa Wilson - her back is going out and causing lots of pain

Pray for those with battling extended illnesses, and for their families traveling this road with them:

Tom Stephens - recovering from an accident & battling MRSA

Please pray for a complete recovery.

Twila Boyd

Hazen Byrd

Jim & Brenda Noland

Noah Patterson - just began the maintenance phase of his cancer treatment

Neil Hyer

Vickie McKinnon

Kay Carnagey

Jake Heckle (Danie Williams' son) - recovering from Covid-19 and a surgical procedure

Covid-19 Update

People in our congregation who have tested positive, and are sick with varying intensity

Gabe Dixon

Lily, Tate & Quinn Skelton

Steve Hale

Jerry Watkins' brother

Kelly Miller

Pray for those recovering from surgery: 

Butch Jarvis

J.B. Ketcherside

Pray for family and friends:

Linda Scott (Brian Scott's mother) - is hospitalized in Liberal with Covid-19

Bryan & Kristie (friends of Jenifer Stokes') whose mother Sheri died in a car accident on New Year's Eve

Kaylen, Kyan & Keegan Rice (Kiley Rice's sons)

Linda Murphy

Ida Veres

Sean S.

Doris Ferguson & Family

Breckyn Haar & Family (friend of Kiley Rice)

Kelsey Ray

Destiny & Lawsyn Howard - (friends of Wendy Archer) - Lawsyn (young daughter) has a brain tumor & is receiving chemo & radiation treatments. Please pray for minimal side effects, travel mercies, and strength through the journey.

Robert & Sue Ellen Dahl (Scot Dahl's parents): Robert is in the final stages of liver cancer, and Sue Ellen has rapidly advancing Parkinson's disease