The W.A.Y. 

Student Ministries

We are the youth!

We love our students! They have embraced the Micah 6:8 vision and have led the way in many justice and serving opportunities. This moment in life can be both amazing and hard, and our community of students have shown love for each other and for spreading the love of Jesus to our community and beyond.

Wednesday Evenings

Every Wednesday night we meet to worship God, grow together, and have fun. 

All students from 7th to 12th grade are welcome!

Sunday School

Every Sunday morning we meet to discuss scripture and how it relates to life. 

All students from 7th to 12th grade are welcome! 

Youth Promise

We believe God calls us to a life of service. We also want to help our students attend church events with minimal financial cost. Youth Promise gives students an opportunity to serve while earning money for camp, retreats, and other events. 

A full description of Youth Promise can be found here. Youth_Promise.pdf

College and Career (18-24)

The College Ministry is an environment to grow in your relationship with God and with others through weekly gatherings, friendships and events throughout the year. We believe that community is essential to spiritual growth and vitality.