Worship God through Creativity

Creativity is a vehicle for God to communicate powerfully and intimately with His people, as well as for His people to respond to His work in our lives.  We sing, play instruments, engineer sound, run visual projections, paint, decorate, create videos, and use artistic skill for the purpose of worshipping God and making Him known.  Whether you're just beginning your artistic journey, have lots of experience, want to acquire a new skill, or want to explore something new, we have a place for you to serve.

*Some of the groups and positions require an audition and some involve training.  Contact Pastor Robin at robin@guymonnazarene.org to talk about your area of interest and how you can connect.

Worship Band

We are always looking for experienced players to help lead the congregation in worship. The band is made up of young and older players wanting to play with excellence. The band does require an audition with the Worship Pastor, and placement will be based on your playing skills, attitude and openness to serve.