Date: July 21-28, 2022

Location: Los Angeles and Atascadero, California

Cost: $725 or $350 with Youth Promise

$50 Nonrefundable Cash deposit is due April 10 (Required by airfare)

Informational Meetings
: March 30, directly following Wed service; April 3, 12pm-12:30pm.

Ministry Partners:

Los Angeles First Church of the Nazarene- Founding Church of the Nazarene Church.
Home of English, Filipino, Spanish, and Korean congregations. This multicultural ministry works to provide food for low-income neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Dove Creek Church of the Nazarene/ Sabbath Creek Retreat Center-
Seeking to find creative means to utilize its resources, Dove Creek has opened its property for pastors and other lay leaders as a retreat center and elementary school.

Thurs, July 21: Travel Day (Amarillo to Los Angeles)
Fri, July 22: Food Distribution at LA First, Work Project at church.
Sat, July 23: Cultural/Socio-Economic Tour of Los Angeles
Sun, July 24: Worship at LA First, Travel to Atascadero
Mon, July 25: Morning work at Church, Afternoon at Pismo Beach
Tues, July 26: Morning work at Church, Afternoon at Avila Beach
Wed, July 27: Morning work at Church, Afternoon at Morrow Bay, Evening Clean up.
Thursday, July 28: Travel Day (San Jose to Amarillo)

Required Trainings:
These trainings are designed to help our participants prepare and make sense of what they are about to experience and to connect the dots between faith and action. Studies show that these trainings are an essential element to making mission trips formative for students, which is why they are required. If your student is unable to attend one of these trainings, they must meet with Pastor Nathan to make them up.

Pre-Trip: June 5, 3-5pm; June 26, 3-5pm; July 10, 3-5pm
Post-Trip: August 1, 5-7pm (Dinner Provided)